Customs declaration

When thinking about customs brokerage services, what are your concerns and concerns? The cumbersome clearance procedure, the questioned hard case, the long waiting period for censure of the permit, the unclear tax policy or the cost of customs brokerage services too high?

Customs controls on imports and exports are likened to an invisible filter for goods to or from any country. This is really a barrier for Vietnamese enterprises in the integration process with international market. However, if you know how to overcome this barrier effectively, the business will create a significant advantage over the opponent.

If you still have questions about customs clearance procedures, including what documentation requirements, customs clearance procedures, customs offending products infringe. Export-import policy, or all tax matters you do not know ...
With experience of customer service in recent years, Hoang Loan Co., Ltd specializes in providing goods delivery and customs clearance services by road, rail, sea and air. . With a diversified agent system and professional staffs, we are proud to offer our customers the best service packages.

The current customs clearance services of HOANG LOAN company include:
• Distribution agents, representatives of prestigious shipping lines worldwide.
• Diversified, fast transport by sea, road, air, etc.
• Shipping containers (FCL), LCL, super-long, super-heavy ... domestic and international to most parts of the world.
• Get the import-export mandate.
• Taking testimony of export and import goods, customs declaration in the form of foreign business, on the spot, export production, processing, customs clearance of goods through the border.
• Receiving container pulls from provinces to ports in the South.

The service of our company always provide the best benefits to customers with 4 criteria:
- Quality - Fast - Accurate
- Ensure safety and efficiency
-Good price
Ensure common interests for customers.

Our Mission:
Hoang Loan was established with the mission of supporting the customs clearance and shipping services to customers safely, accurately and quickly. We always stand behind your success, with your enthusiasm and experience in import and export, we will always "listen" to your difficulties and "share" With you legal procedures in a timely manner, give you the advice, optimal solutions, optimization and cost savings. That is the core reason for the trust of customers and bring. It's a success for us today.

We started with the smallest customers and today we are proud to have been able to provide a nationwide network of services that are constantly expanding and striving to be able to improve. More myself, can provide customers with the best possible service. Our strength comes from the satisfaction of customers, the sincere comments of our friends that is a great motivation for us to improve and develop more. We hope to be able to accompany you through the difficult business journey ahead that you are about to pass. Trust and let us serve you wholeheartedly.

Come to HOANG LOAN customers will be fully free consultation procedures and paperwork for the type of export and import, HS code, and the preferential tax regime most suitable for each item. After that, HOANG LOAN staff provide the following specific services and activities:
- Prepare application
- Apply the best tax code suitable for each item
- Apply for conditional goods
- Check tax debt information
- Full consultation before clearance
- Customs and remote customs declaration.
- Clearing customs dossier.

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