The country is on the rise, the more modernized the industrialization and modernization industries, the trend of demand for services and products of consumers increasingly. Freight services are an extremely important sector in the development of the national economy in today's integration trend.

Each city, each locality has its own advantages in terms of consumption demand and commodity production as well as the need for economic development, transportation and many other high class buildings. To facilitate the trade of goods, customers not only need to transport in the area but also transport to other areas according to the process of transporting raw materials for production or transportation of finished products to agents and houses. distribution, ...

The cost of road freight is also a component of the cost of the product. Therefore, HoangVinh Trading Service Import Export Co., Ltd was born with the best service, the quality is always our top priority, committed to the price competition and stability in the country. We always give special privilege to our customers long term cooperation with us.

That HoangVinh Trading Service Import Export Co., Ltd specializes in receiving goods by road, transporting all common commodities such as raw materials for industries, construction materials, agricultural products, Feeding livestock, chemicals, fuels, machinery equipment, household goods, etc.

With staff, drivers of our company experienced, professional work, dedicated. We own a large number of trucks with wide payloads and a wide network of parking lots. We guarantee that all our customers who use our service will feel satisfied and professional.

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